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The Republican’s worst mistake “ever”!

by Curtis Means

I remember the day vividly, Aug 29 2008, I was working at NBC and watching the news feeds when it was announced that then Presidential hopeful John McCain had selected his running mate. We all had predicted it would be one of the more prominent figures in politics at the time such as Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, but we were wrong it was none other than the famous Sarah Palin. Our first reaction was “who”? And then it was ‘why”?. We knew that the Republicans need to do something extraordinary to counteract the onslaught of the wildly popular and charismatic Barack Obama, we did not anticipate something crazy. I mean Sara Palin?  From Alaska? Who had barely set foot in the lower 48?

Then we started to think that it was smart to appeal to the women voters by selecting what would be the first women Vice President in history, brilliant! Then she spoke…. most of us both men and women could have looked pass the high-pitched, folksy almost shreeking voice, what we could not get over was the inane nonsense that came out afterwards.The lack of national political credentials, the lack of foreign credentials ( the woman never set foot on foreign shores ), coupled with the inability to speak complete sentences in front of the cameras while being interviewed by the same media outlets that interviewed all other candidates without complaint or issue and then coining the mundane phrase ” the lame stream media ”  ( get it? , it’s a play on “the main-stream media” phrase  she replaced “main” with “lame” isn’t that really clever? LOL ) to justify her lack of intelligence or ability.

The mistake the Republicans made was not knowing the fire they ignited in order to try to convince a select group ( women ) that they understood their issue. What Sarah Palin really appealed to was a small and loud group of people who have no intentions of letting this country change according to the times, this group wants nothing more than to look backwards to a time that they perceive worked better for them. This group is always resistant to change of any kind and will pretend that they want to save the country that they love ( what I like to call “faux patriotism” ). So as a result a splinter group was formed (the Tea party) still Republicans but more right leaning and extreme. And there is the problem, this group has done just the opposite of what the Republicans need. They are splitting the party and the vote that could have possibly saved the Republican in upcoming elections but instead have introduced wing nut characters such as Christine O’Donnell, Carl Paladino , Sharon Angle and Joe Miller to name a few. These candidates have proven to be colossal embarrassments and are as electable to office as my 8-year-old son but are deluded enough to think they can win and as a result are wasting the Republicans resources and time, great for the Democrats especially in the upcoming midterms.

So in conclusion the Democrats have played an amazingly smart game with less than 2 weeks to the midterms, display a sense of upcoming failure to get more that the usual amount of voter turn out for the midterms.Let the polls predict a coming bloodbath by the Republicans ( woe is us …the Republicans will reclaim the Senate and the House ) bringing us back to the Bush days when companies were failing left and right and every time they did they would parade that Lurch like figure (Henry Paulson former Secretary of the Treasure ) to assure us that we did not see anything.I predict that on Nov 3, Sarah Palin and the Republican party will be engaged in full on war to blame each other for the actual bloodbath that happened on Nov 2. History has proven over and over that self cannibalism never benefits anyone. When they picked Sarah Palin they picked their own demise.


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The case of Carl Paladino

By Curtis Means

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has recently been in the news for his apparent anti gay rhetoric and subsequent retraction that really wasn’t a retraction at all. His apology for his comments that ” may have offended the gay and lesbian community ” should be viewed as just what it sounds like, which is a politician that does not want to show his true colors and agenda. For Mr Paladino to make such remarks in the first place flys in the face of logic and begs the question as to whether he and other candidates of the “Tea Party” are worthy options on todays political stage.

For Mr Paladino to make such remarks in light of the recent rash of anti gay hate crimes and then make an apology for comments that “may” have offend the LGBT community is laughable at best and tragic in its own light. Lets be clear here, his comments did not almost or probably offend the LGBT community , it DID offend them and the apology should recognize this fact. He should recognize the impact of his comments and provide some sort of reasoning to his thinking in having made such idiotic comments in the first place. Then his apology should be whole-hearted and complete, not some sound bite that is protective of his goals to be a powerful person in Albany. I for one have been watching the antics of Mr Paladino out of the corner of my eye because I did not perceive him as a threat over Mr Cuomo for the governor’s seat, but since his blowup with the New York Post reporter and now this I am seeing him for what he is , which is a power-hungry buffoon hell-bent on grabbing power by playing to the publics frustration over recent economic and sociological changes.

Mr Paladino, Sarah Palin and the others in the tea party are well aware of the dynamics being played out across the country and are actively trying to tap into it for their own gains. It happens every couple of decades in this country like clockwork, major change begins to occur, people are unprepared and fearful of it and as a consequence become resistant to it because they simply want there lives to go on as they planned. One side of the population start the process and the other side of the population is usually resistant. In this case it is the progressive, youthful and non traditional side that is causing the change while the conservative, older and traditional side is resisting. So in actually the change that the tea party and their participants tout is basically just the status quo and not change at all.

So as they adopt the new slogan of the party of ” Hell No” they are really saying ” Hell No” to change, ” Hell No” to further presidents being non traditional, ” Hell No” to any member of the LGBT community sharing the same rights as a ‘straight person” , ” Hell No”gays serving openly in the military, ” Hell No” to the rich being held accountable for risky behavior that almost collapsed this economy, and most of all  ” Hell No” to the future that may exist without them .

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Hello from the The New York Flash


Welcome to the blog for The New York, this blog covers the stories for the images that are submited from various photographers.

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