Mayhem on a Bike

Dean Winters, the actor that plays “Mayhem ” in the Allstate insurance ads was seen out on his bike yesterday after making a coffee stop at Starbucks in Soho. True to his character in the commercial the actor was riding his bike with abandon thru the streets of lower Manhattan.

Winters was born in New York City, and has three younger siblings: Bradford (a writer), Scott William, and Blair. Scott is also an actor, and portrayed Ryan O’Reily’s brother Cyril on Oz.

Around June 19, 2009, after shooting the Happy Town pilot, Winters contracted a bacterial infection and collapsed upon arrival at his doctor’s office, and while being transported across Central Park in an ambulance, Winters’ heart stopped beating for 2½ minutes. Paramedics were able to revive him, and Winters was hospitalized in intensive care for three weeks. Over the course of the next year, Winters developed gangrene, requiring the amputation of two toes and part of a thumb and ten subsequent operations. Aside from being replaced by Weber when the pilot was picked up for series production, Winters was away from acting until the spring of 2010, when Tina Fey brought him back to 30 Rock and he started work on the Mayhem campaign.

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  1. What a beautiful smile!
    I love NYC…. ! 😀

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