Justin Theroux dresses in all black ….again!!

Jennifer Anistons new boy toy Justin Theroux turns out to be a match made in heaven for the now 40 something actress/director. For nearly 2 weeks since the couple have been in New York Justin has been spotted in all black or nearly all black every single time that he has been spotted. Even in evening attire the the actor has been in nothing else but black pants and either a black or white shirt. Meanwhile his actress girlfriend will hide out in her penthouse apartment for days while eager papparazzi stake out her place looking for any ooportunity to shoot the little seen actress. Often times as many as 30 paps can be seen around her area eagerly watching the front door. Some paps have even taken to making deals with the drivers and body guards not to engage in chases when they go out ( which is rarely ) in exchange a brief walk down the street from the couple or even the impression of normalcy when the couple does step out.

The actor also speeds around the city on one of 2 motorcycles that can be spotted parked outside of his girlfriends apartment. After recently getting a parking ticket on one of the motorcycle for not moving the bike on street cleaning days, Justin has resorted to removing the licence plates from the bike when he goes up to see Jennifer and reappling them when he returns, possibly in the ill advised hopes of preventing a ticket agent from giving him a ticket ( which it won’t but instead will cause the bike to be considered abandoned and then towed. )

copyright@ 2011 Curtis Means



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