This is not Tahrir Square: A view from Zuccotti Park.

So today I took a walk thru Zuccotti Park (almost seven weeks after its inception) , with the intent of gaining an understanding of what this “protest” is all about.  I witnessed the uprising in Tahrir Square in Egypt on CNN, where the people had decided they had had enough of the tyrant that controlled the country and wanted him out. They organized the protest thru social media, gathered at strategic places, marched to the capitol and even convinced the military to work with them because they too were of the people. What I saw in Zucotti park was nowhere near that uprising.  The problem is that it is not organized and because of that there are many people entrenched within their protest that are not helping their cause. In any situation such as this, it is an absolute requirement to control who speaks out and not allow just anyone to talk.  There are a large number of people at the protest that are not quite “all there” and this has created a circus atmosphere, where you have tourist and onlookers gawking at the spectacle of it all.


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