Gossip!… Girl.. Gossip!

TNYF caught up with the cast of Gossip Girl while shooting “the big wedding scene,”  at the St. James Church on the upper east side.  Apparently Leighton Meester‘s character is getting married to Hugo Becker‘s character while Blake Lively‘s , Penn Bagley’s and Chase Crawford‘s characters go on about something or the other. In the meantime Matthew Settle‘s and Kelly Rutherford‘s character cry and then make up about something after having confronted John Shea‘s character about something in the pass.  Meanwhile Michelle Trachtenberb’s character dons a black and white (alter girl??) outfit to do something obviously outrageous during the ceremony and then rapidly changes to a shimmering black and gold form fitting dress…. and now you are as update on Gossip Girl as I am.


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