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Rosario Dawson must be done with her holiday shopping…Commentary by Mrs. M.

Today Rosario Dawson was hanging around downtown Manhattan.  From the looks of it, she must have been done with her holiday shopping as she had no shopping bags and had a fantastic smile on her face.  Meanwhile the rest of the city felt completely chaotic as it was packed with holiday shoppers.  Only because I had to exchange something did I stupidly head into Macy’s which was madness.  Rosario is one of those natural beauties who doesn’t need a single bit of makeup to look stunning.  Maybe she has a bit of eyeliner on but that’s it if any. Life really is not fair.

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Where did you get those jeans Bethenny Frankel?..Commentary by Mrs. M.

Okay I don’t like it when I write about related topics two days in a row but that seems to be what the pictures are giving me lately.  I like your jeans Bethenny Frankel.   Where are they from?  They kinda look like my Banana jeans – boot cut, same denim wash, little yellow stitching on the side but I cannot be sure.  I also think you are able to buy much more trend worthy jeans these days than BR jeans.  They are very flattering on you, but on you “Skinnygirl” everything looks good.

You look very happy walking down the street eating your bagel plain.  I can’t do that.  I don’t enjoy a dry bagel.

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