Really?!…Republican candidate Herman Cain suspenses his Presidential Campaign…..

Alright I am going to be a little sarcastic here, but really?  Is he serious in making this obvious choice?  It seems like every week a new woman has come out and accused him of either brass, inappropriate behaviour or outright adultery.  Now he wants to show concern for his family?  Here’s an idea…. stop harassing OTHER women… It amazes me that these clowns (John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer, etc ) can’t seem to grasp that fact that since they are in the public eye that every detail of their lives will be examined, especially if you are running for President of the United States.  Even more appalling is what sort of comprised position would they be in if they got elected without anyone finding out their dark secrets and then using it to get them to do what ever they want.  Imagine what would have happened if John Edwards had been elected with the Riley affair and child hanging over his head, I for one do not have enough faith in either the man or his support staff to not cover it up at any cost, putting this country in real danger.  If you ask me any person that seeks the presidency knowing full well that issues like these are lurking in the background waiting to be exploited if they become president are not putting this country first and further more lack the wisdom and  leadership ability that are needed to run this country in the first place.  Here is another idea…background checks for presidential candidates.  It would save a lot of time.  The fact the Herman Cain proclaims that all of these women that have come forward accusing him of misconduct are outright lying shows a lack of respect for all women and an obvious lack of understanding of what is appropriate behavior in common situations. I say good riddance and once again,  REALLY?


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