Angelina Jolie, have we asked the question?…Commentary by Mrs. M.

Have we asked the question?  Are nude pumps okay after labor day?  Yeah yeah, I know white after labor day has been approved by some fashion people somewhere, but I still don’t think white shoes are right and I am not sure how I feel about the nude shoes.  Really, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and it’s more my personal issue than anything else but light shoes with a dark outfit in December in NYC just seems out of balance to me.   Maybe I am just jealous because all summer I have looked for a pair of nude pumps just like this but of course everything I like that is made well is just too expensive these days. Let’s hope by next summer nude pumps will be over and I won’t have to deal with my personal issues over them anymore.  Angelina Jolie was seen in her nude pumps yesterday exiting the offices of Anderson Cooper at CNN.


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