Jane Krakowski. Loving those blue suede shoes…Commentary by Mrs. M.

I love exquisite shoes.  Expensive shoes.  I don’t have fancy shoes, but I do covet them.  A well made unique shoe can make an outfit or be the outfit itself as is the case yesterday with Jane Krakowski‘s blue suede shoes as she walked down Greene Street in Manhattan.

I have never gone into a Manolo Blahnick store, but I have gone into a Christian Louboutin store with my son just to look.  Security was cool too.  It was obvious I was not there to purchase but there was not a single disapproving glance (that I noticed) as my son and I pawed the 800 to 1300 dollar shoes.  Maybe one day a pair of shoes such as these can be placed on my feet and be called mine.  I have silly fantasies of having a Cinderella or Dorothy moment where in an instant you know that the shoes are meant for me and me only.   Forever and ever.


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