Katie Holmes does it in Cement….Commentary by Mrs. M.

I love gray.  I think it’s a fabulous color.  Every shade from Charcoal to light stone and everything in between in every hue looks great on me.  It’s a neutral and I was very happy when it became a popular color in fashion.   My mother bought me these fantastic Ilse Jacobsen rain boots in gray  for about half price and they are terrific.  So when Mr. M. took this picture of Katie yesterday he did not know of my passion for gray.  I don’t bother him with the trivial that floods my mind.   So he shows me this picture of her and said when he first looked at it he thought something with the shot was off – and then he figured it out that nothing with the camera settings were off, but it was that her legs blended right into the NYC  cement color.  I realized he was right.  My beloved gray was really like the disgusting color of city cement sidewalks with darkened blobs of past chewed gum speckled about.    I may have to rethink all of this.


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