Slickster Tom…Commentary by Mrs. M.

There has always been something similar about the pictures I see of Tom Cruise.  They are always familiar and I think I finally figured it out.  Okay, I haven’t been spending that much time thinking about it.  In every picture I see of Tom Cruise he has this self-assured, confident air about him.  In every picture.   Alone.  With Katie.  Even when shielding Suri from the paparazzi.  It’s a somewhat Rico Suave, slickster way that he carries himself.  Why is that?

The other thing I have noticed is how he is always in a pair of jeans when not at an event where a suit is required.  I don’t think I have ever heard anything about him being a lover of denim, but I think he is.  With boots, dress shoes, sportcoats, there are the jeans.  Always perfect hem length too.  Interesting.  I would like to suggest that with the dress shoes and jacket a belt would have completed the look.


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