Bizarro Octomom

So Nadya Suleman  (of Octomom fame) was on the Wendy Williams show this past Thursday and on the show she claims that the entire tribe of 14 children are from the same father and that she did not want financial help from him and that a magazine (unnamed) offered her a million dollars for the name of that man and that she “politely told them where they could put it because she is a good person and wants to protect his identity.”

Translation.….she had herself inseminated without his consent and by law she would be sued if she reveled his name and by law since she did not seek his consent BEFORE she decided to get inseminated from his DNA he is not obligated by law to assist her in whatever madness she is involved in…



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3 responses to “Bizarro Octomom

  1. Boze

    Spot on! Unfortunately, nobody calls her out on her lies and there are drones that believe her twisted bullshit.

  2. Kit Kat

    She’s nothing but a lying PIG!!!

  3. Barbara

    She had a sexual relationship with the “donor” she has said all along. Claiming to be celebate now for 13 years doesn’t negate the fact he was not an “anonymous” donor and he should be held financially responsible no matter what she views “loyalty” as. Calif. paid over 1.5 mil.

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