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Lindsay Lohan has dinner with SNL staff

It was a sort of late night for Lindsay Lohan. She was spotted out at a trending midtown restaurant with the staff of SNL after an all day rehearsal. Earlier it was reported that she stated that “partying is not my thing anymore”. I guess we will see next month when her court ordered probation ends and she is free to do what ever she wants.



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“Half-a-dollar” does Jimmy Fallon

I know what his stage name is.  I just don’t like using it.  “Curtis” does not seem like a tough enough name for a rapper like him.  Anyway, “Two Quarters” showed up to do a pre-tape at the Jimmy Fallon show at NBC yesterday much to all of our surprise.  “5 Dimes” traveled to the NBC studios with an entourage of 5 SUV‘s which, needless to say, really fouled up traffic.  Then “50 Pennies” actually tried to enter unnoticed.

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Kristin Chenoweth is always happy…

Maybe it is the lifestyle she leads, or the fact that she has everything going for her (she is pretty, blonde, talented and funny) or maybe her natural disposition.  Whatever it is, Kristin Chenoweth always has a smile on her face and seems genuinely happy to see anyone she meets, including photographers shooting her going into a Fashion Week show earlier this month.  It’s kind of infectious.  You find yourself smiling after meeting her.

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