Ill mannered kids on the set of Gossip Girls.

I have shot the actors on the set of Gossip Girl many times, and as a photographer my job is to get a sellable image of the cast as they do what ever it is they do. I have stood around with fans who only want to say “hi” to the actors or get a photo with them, and every time I have watched these “actors” strut by their fans without so much as a look in their direction.  Now I do not care whether they acknowledge me, in fact I prefer it if they don’t (I am not a fan,) but I have tried to watch the show to get familiar with the cast and see what the hubbub is all about and could only tolerate 10 minutes.  It was so poorly acted and scripted.  So as a thinking person I am at a loss to understand why these sub-standard actors would act so poorly and rudely to the audience that actually like their show.  In my view none of them and I do mean NONE is going to go on to be award winning actors after this show is my advice to all of them is to smile and say hi to your loyal fans, because you REALLY need them .


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