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Update for those still stuck in a time warp….


If anyone cares…there has been several articles published recently about Tiffani Thiessen and Jenny Garth from ( believe it or not ) 90210 . Whats 90210 you say? Well it was a meaningless show from the 90’s that for reasons unexplained became a national hit. Look it up. Anyway the two are actually still going on about some rift in their relationship as if people actually still care.



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Right on! Righton!

What else can you say to the guy that has Keira Knightleys eye…She was seen on set last week kissing Mark Ruffalo ( nothing ) she has even been filmed kissing both Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp ( still nothing ) but James Righton shows up for a visit on the set of her new movie and she is like a school girl holding hands and so on….so right on James Righton…

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And now we return you to your regularly scheduled program


Ok now this is more like it… Jessica Alba without an expression on her face….we were starting to grow concerned with the last encounter where she threw us into a tailspin with the great big smile on her face…it really was too much of a shock to our system. We can deal with this Jessica much better. Don’t get us wrong we love to see her smile it was just with all the white teeth we had to readjust our exposures and we don’t like that..


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