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The shrinking man and the growing family…

It seems that as Actor Matthew McConaughey grows smaller as his wife Camila Alves and family are growing larger. Matthew has been dropping weight for a role in an upcoming movie, to the point where he is almost unrecognizable. Meanwhile his wife is rapidly approaching the point where she will deliver their third child.



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Bradley Cooper upclose and personal

TNYF ¬†caught up with the actor Bradley Cooper as he was on his way to the gym in New York on Friday. ¬†Much to my surprise he seems to be a bit of a jokester as he walked right up to me as I was shooting to ask about my new point and shoot. He was under the impression that I was shooting him with an antique film camera….anyway he seemed impressed with the camera and was considering buying one himself just for the looks.

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Possible explaination….

So I was confused by this outfit Ed Westwick of the Gossip Girl series slipped into after filming a scene this past Monday…and then I figured it out…..He was planning on skydiving right after the filming which explains the jumpsuit…right after that he was going to go for a jog thru the neighborhood , which explains the hoody…after that it was off for a stroll on the beach which explains the sandals..and then finally he was going to read some poetry which explains the beatnik glasses….see if you take your time it all makes sense.


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