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Bradley Cooper upclose and personal

TNYF  caught up with the actor Bradley Cooper as he was on his way to the gym in New York on Friday.  Much to my surprise he seems to be a bit of a jokester as he walked right up to me as I was shooting to ask about my new point and shoot. He was under the impression that I was shooting him with an antique film camera….anyway he seemed impressed with the camera and was considering buying one himself just for the looks.


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Magic Matt… for the ladies…

Yes , just as Sophia can increase the temperature on hot day I am sure the same rules apply for Matthew Mcconoughey of Magic Mike fame…..We spotted Matt going for a light jog on Manhattans West side bike path continuing his quest to lose wait for an upcoming movie role.


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How to make a 90 degree day hotter..

Just take a hot day (90 degrees or more )  add Sophia Vergara walking casually down the street in leggings or whatever outfit she may be in and you will increase the real feel temperature by at least 60 degrees…

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