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What is Bethenny wearing today?…Commentary by Mrs. M.

Today is one of those crazy days in the city.  You really have no idea what to wear.  Last week we were wearing shorts and flips flops.  Yes we were.. and then it got cold again and mentally no one wants that.  I went out at lunch and some professional woman was freezing her legs off with a light skirt, heels and no hose.  I could see the goose bumps.  But then I look to Bethenny Frankel and gosh darn it.. the perfect outfit for the day where you want to dress like summer but can’t.       Love the floppy hat.   The comfortable long flowing outfit reminding us that yes, she really is the Skinny Girl.


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Kelly Bensimon can make you hot…Commentary by Mrs. M.

April 2012 is the launch of Kelly Bensimon’s book, “I Can Make You Hot – The Supermodel Diet.”  I am curious and a little worried.  Is it a fad type of diet book?  What could possibly be new information out there to teach us that a balanced diet and moderate exercise is the way to stay healthy?  Ah, I must correct myself.  This is not a book about staying healthy…it’s a book about being “hot.”   I think curiosity may get the better of me.

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Update…. Nick Cannon is out and about.

Last month The New York Flash reported that Nick Cannon had suffered “Mild Kidney Failure” as tweeted by his wife Mariah Carey.  Today The New York Flash caught up with Nick as he left a downtown media building on his way to his office in Midtown.  Nick appeared to be quite healthy and in good spirits, although he did look as if he had lost a little weight.

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