Possible explaination….

So I was confused by this outfit Ed Westwick of the Gossip Girl series slipped into after filming a scene this past Monday…and then I figured it out…..He was planning on skydiving right after the filming which explains the jumpsuit…right after that he was going to go for a jog thru the neighborhood , which explains the hoody…after that it was off for a stroll on the beach which explains the sandals..and then finally he was going to read some poetry which explains the beatnik glasses….see if you take your time it all makes sense.



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Update for those still stuck in a time warp….


If anyone cares…there has been several articles published recently about Tiffani Thiessen and Jenny Garth from ( believe it or not ) 90210 . Whats 90210 you say? Well it was a meaningless show from the 90’s that for reasons unexplained became a national hit. Look it up. Anyway the two are actually still going on about some rift in their relationship as if people actually still care.


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Mayhem keeps happening to me…

Dean Winters of Mayhem and 30 Rock fames keeps appearing before me and I keep shooting him…. I guess Mayhem follows me wherever I go…Oh by the way I am also trying to revive the peace sign..


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