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Bradley Cooper upclose and personal

TNYF ¬†caught up with the actor Bradley Cooper as he was on his way to the gym in New York on Friday. ¬†Much to my surprise he seems to be a bit of a jokester as he walked right up to me as I was shooting to ask about my new point and shoot. He was under the impression that I was shooting him with an antique film camera….anyway he seemed impressed with the camera and was considering buying one himself just for the looks.


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Ashley Olsen in NY camouflage

What is NY camouflage you ask? Well if you have lived here long enough you know that nothing….and I do mean nothing stays clean in NY , not politicians , not cops, not teachers etc, etc… not even the snow…the last snowfall my son noticed that it takes less than a day for the pristine snow to give way to a dirty less than attractive grey… anyway back to Ashley, notice how her outfit matches her surrounding …I almost lost her while shooting.

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And the mystery guest is!

Katie Findlay and Kacey Rohl from the AMC hit show ” The Killing” It is one of my favorite shows on television and airs every Sunday night at 9pm. Katie is actually Rosie Larsen, the now dead character the show is centered around.

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