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And now we return you to your regularly scheduled program


Ok now this is more like it… Jessica Alba without an expression on her face….we were starting to grow concerned with the last encounter where she threw us into a tailspin with the great big smile on her face…it really was too much of a shock to our system. We can deal with this Jessica much better. Don’t get us wrong we love to see her smile it was just with all the white teeth we had to readjust our exposures and we don’t like that..



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Kim Zolciak soars in turquoise heels

Yes, Kim Zolciak is pregnant…yes, she got married…yes, she has her own reality TV show (which to my horror airs tonight  as we know Mrs M. will force  me to watch it)…

And no she will not stop wearing heels that are so high it will make your nose bleed….

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Update…. Nick Cannon is out and about.

Last month The New York Flash reported that Nick Cannon had suffered “Mild Kidney Failure” as tweeted by his wife Mariah Carey.  Today The New York Flash caught up with Nick as he left a downtown media building on his way to his office in Midtown.  Nick appeared to be quite healthy and in good spirits, although he did look as if he had lost a little weight.

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